by The Stratagem

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released March 22, 2013



all rights reserved


The Stratagem Brisbane, Australia

Deathcore from Brisbane AU. We smash XXXX Gold and like to be cool.

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Track Name: Animosity
I'll take lives as punishment to your crimes
Against yourself and all those came in contact with
Destroy all for the pleasures gold and green
Now it's mine everything you ever loved is mine
Oh how you, are filth like maggots
You deserve nothing but death
I will tear down everything you ever built
Crush it all down to dust
I'll incinerate anything you ever loved
Burn it all down to ash
Nothing can stop me, all will end
We must start again, create something worthy of life
Without fault we must reign down upon ourselves
The only way is to destroy
Our only path is eradication
Destroy all in your path
I will stop at nothing to bring new life
I'll cut all those who stand in my way
I'll take these lives as punishment
I'll take these lives just as you've taken ours
We are the disease
We are the antidote
There will be no remorse
There will be no mercy
There will only be sacrifice
There will only be death
There will be no human disease
There will be no fucking disease
Track Name: Eradication
Mankind as we know it
Will be coming to its demise
The world in its current state
Will be consumed by the unforgiving hands of fate
You will not survive
So don't struggle or stress
Spend last moments wisely
They will definitely be your last
With what I have in store
Sacrifices dearly noted
But will be forgotten in due time
With my beautiful mind I shall create perfection
With these hands I will annihilate man
The time has come to make fiction reality
I shall swiftly take away the life that you have wasted
To make it painless would slow the entire process
So it's a sacrifice we must all bare
This is not for the love of genocide
This is for the greater good
This is to rid the earth of poison
Righteousness, terminate humanity
Fucking pathetic humans
We speak with strong condescension
Our lives spent on improvement
When perfection was a birth right
The purest irony is the way we crush all between our toes
Yet the simple truth remains, we are the pestilence
The fucking pestilence
Track Name: Manifestation
Everything, we built must burn
Every mistake we've made
Everything and anything unnatural
We must eradicate
Fire shall consume our cities
Incinerating all life that stands before it
Your almighty god is helpless at hand
Do not fear as you will be numb
There is no escape
Your existence is futile
Neurotoxins will have made you sleep
Salvation is not an option as
Survivors will be disintegrated
Try your best to defy me
You will have fallen
Fallen by my rapture
You will feel no pain
Just suffer in agony
Machines will clear the debris
Melt it all down for creation
Structures representing a new life
A new life with an unspoken future
We must replenish the life we cut down
To cover the scars that we made
The scars we fucking cut into ourselves
One by one you all will fall
The bloods on my hands
Cut you down and gut you all
The blood is on my hands
The elimination of your lives leaves chaos at my finger tips
The world is mine the world is at my disposal
Track Name: Interlude
Track Name: Annihilation
Your shrieking cries are useless
To your saviour, he's already dead and gone
His flame has expired
I am all that is eternal
The truth lies right before your eyes
Death is inevitable
Your doomsday is closer than you think
My future will be bright
Yours forever in darkness
As your paradise falls
My kingdom will flourish
Never to be disturbed
No force will penetrate these walls
The taste of success salivates on my tongue
Nothing but rubble will be left standing
Intrusion on the stronghold
I must prevail
Intrusion on the stronghold
I will prevail
Time is growing shorter
The hourglass nearing empty
Hack green is my own salvation
Or my dream will become undone
My dream will become undone
My apocalypse is nigh
Welcome to the new generation
I am the massacre of your loved ones
I am the suffering of those trying to survive
I'm the end of life as you know it
I'm the reason your nightmares won't sleep
I have opted for extreme dissolution
Epidemic will be swept into oblivion
Every act of creation must start with an act of destruction
Eat shit humanity
You filthy cunts
You will deceas
In the filth you created
Track Name: Utopia
Your remains will fertilize the sands
Vital fluids soaking the dirt
Insanity rips through yours minds integrity
Welcome to the mayhem of reality
Unblinded by a false sense of innocence
I am demise
The truth of our kind
The shit feeding on shit
They are dragging out the lies
We are at their disposal
Waging wars against the defenseless
You make me sick
Deliver the sentence against the immaculate
You make me sick
Rape the world of its beauty and pleasure
You make me sick
Capitalizing on all you lay your hands upon
You make me fucking sick
What can you depend on?
When all else has failed before
You dug your own fucking grave
Ground tremors shook with invincible force
Supports truly tested but do not faulter
This place will not become my tomb
For if I die before my time all hope is lost
The fires must rage ever so vehemently
Burning everything that obstructs its path
There will be casualties I could not intend
But is necessary to complete my work
Calm has struck this place
The damages have taken all that they can take
I must emerge from the debris
The putrid cancer has been swept out of its existence
The light is blinding
Fire has engulfed this world
Soot and dust fill the air
Visibility is minimum
The sound is deafening
Nothing is left
Nothing is left
At last
No life outside these craters
No trace of the human strain
My DNA will be the predecessor
Months pass, years have gone
My Utopia's day has dawned
I have won
Through the emptiest of the wastelands
Where the home is bound by desolation
I have finally found, my place
In a world on the path of destruction
Eradicate an entire race,
I'll show no remorse,
I'll show no regrets,
For my actions
Which had to be fulfilled by me,
In order to survive,
I must pave the way,
For a new, generation
I am god
I am god
I am god
Or am I the cancer